The hidden costs of cheap spirituality.

The hidden costs of cheap spirituality.

Recently, I saw a metaphysical shop post about their SUPER CHEAP DISCOUNT SAGE BUNDLES!!!

I bristled.

Here's the ugly truth. Cheap shit is cheap for a reason. If your sage bundle was sold to you at a super cheap discount rate, it was almost certainly irresponsibly harvested. White sage is a protected species and is at risk. It is unethical to wildcraft these sacred plants.

There are hidden costs to "cheap" products, and spiritual tools are not an exception. In fact, shouldn't we be especially careful about the sourcing of sacred tools meant to raise our vibrations and clear the negative energy of our homes? 

Ethically produced sage bundles are made with sustainably farmed sage, or from small medicinal gardens. You may also find other herbal alternatives for your smudging needs: Several plants can be grown in home gardens (such as Rosemary and lavender), or carefully, mindfully and skillfully harvested from abundant plant resources by practiced herbalists who understand and respect the local natural environment. 

Ethical businesses buy from makers and farmers that respect these practices and source responsibly. 

Please consider the products you are using for your spiritual practices, and the process that brought it to you.

Lets not allow our spiritual tools to become a blind spot. There are real ethical issues in the harvesting of plants and the mining of crystals and stones. Buy only what you need. Cherish and honor it. Buy less, but better. Higher vibrations all around. 


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