History and Ritual of Yule


In this workshop we will dive into the historical “reasons for the season” in relation to how many modern “Yuletide” traditions that have been embraced by a host of cultures world over for millennia. 

Focuses of this presentation will include introduction to and discussion of how and why beliefs and practices throughout much of Europe influence mainstream themes today by looking at select myths and stories from the ancient to the modern. We will also be engaging in some of these traditions in class, including a few suggestions for DIY and budget-friendly Yule practices and rituals.

In Person Attendees will build their own festive ornament to take home while learning about the original uses of such adornments as well as suggestions of how to blend these, and other such practices, into mixed-faith family or office environments. Class cost will cover all materials.

Online class will take place on Zoom. Zoom link will be mailed out to participants one day ahead of class.

About your teacher:

Robert Finger (he/him/his) has worked as a university professor for the last thirteen years; specializations include history, religion, and world cultures. He has recently started reading tarot professionally (IG: Desert_Tower_Tarot) and is an amateur folklorist and folk artist; some of his creations can be seen scattered around the Ninth House.