The Terrible Beauty of the Soul-Led Career

The Ninth House

What happens when you’re living one life, and you suddenly receive clear spiritual instructions to live another? In this 75-minute conversation facilitated by poet and bone-thrower Kim Stoll, author Kati Standefer, brewery owner/founder Julie Vernon, and Ninth House owner/founder Melisa Doran Cole discuss their experiences being told there was a thing they must do.
For Melisa, the message to open a shop came in a dream while she was running a different business; for Julie, the conception of opening Crooked Tooth Brewery arrived clearly one divine evening as she sat with her husband. Kati took three shocks to the heart from her implanted cardiac defibrillator, and in the aftermath felt a question drop into her body, which she could not ignore--a journey that became her first book, Lightning Flowers: My Journey To Uncover the Cost of Saving A Life.
This dialogue will center on the murky process of listening to Spirit, taking risks based on breadcrumbs of information, and the spiralic way a soul-led career forces one to become the person who can do what they are called to.
Donations will go to the New Voices Foundation, an organization founded to  help women of color business owners build, grow and scale their businesses and create a more inclusive entrepreneurial ecosystem. New Voices Foundation has invested more than $1.4 million in non-dilutive capital and matched support dollars in companies owned by women of color, hosted nine $100,000 pitch competitions for 87 women of color entrepreneurs at EssenceFestCES and other leading national and regional events, and provided hundreds of coaching and mentorship hours to these entrepreneurs.