Raw Rose Quartz, Medium

The Ninth House

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Raw Rose Quartz, Medium

Top grade raw rose quartz stones ethically sourced from South Dakota. 2-3.5 inches. 

*Rose quartz from this South Dakota features a deeper pink color with occasional white streaks, and rainbows tend to be more common than most other varieties found elsewhere. However, rose quartz from South Dakota is relatively rare to find on the market as most rose quartz is imported from South America or Africa. All varieties of rose quartz can occasionally have rusty colored iron oxide deposits, but is on the minimal side with the South Dakota variety compared to other rose quartz from other locations. Each stone is ethically sourced from the Black Hills region of South Dakota using primarily traditional surface mining methods like pick and axe. This type of excavation leaves a minimal carbon footprint and also does not contribute to environmental destruction by releasing chemicals or toxins that can harm the ecosystem. By supporting small family-owned mines, it helps stimulate local economies and divest resources away from deforestation and other industries based on exploitation. 

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