(c) Aall Forms of Life Cactus Wren and Cholla


"Cactus Wrens & Cholla'' is a watercolor & graphite illustration depicting 2 adult Cactus Wrens enjoying the chain fruit cholla cactus in the Sonoran Desert. The background is off-white so if you are framing this piece with a white matte, the illustration will have a 'vintage' pop!

This digital print will come with sturdy backing protected in an archival clear bag. So it is ready for gifting as is or prepped for DIY/Professional framing. Multiple prints may be packaged together in 1 clear bag to cut down on plastic use, please specify if you would like prints separately packaged for gift giving!

Each print is hand-signed by the artist and includes a short description of the artwork medium.


by Nathalie Aall