Gemini Birthday Box

The Ninth House


We are excited to introduce our new Sun Sign Birthday boxes! Each month we will curate a beautiful selection based on the zodiac sign. For Gemini, a creative and communicative air sign, your Birthday Box will include:

  •  Gemini Incense made by a gemini - Sonoran Rosie ! This airy combo has notes of lavender, sage, cypress leaf and creosote. Clean and clear the air in your space while bringing in guiding ancient desert energies. 💜  Made with organic essential oils and hand foraged creosote extract. 
  • Handcrafted Gemini notebook from Tucson maker @byndbooks. Notebook features the Gemini star cluster & the motto “communicate”
    Card stock paper booklet; Grey cover, orange thread 144 pages f/b. 
  • All natural Gemini essential oil fragrance in a 10 oz blend with stones and stone roller. Ceated by Tucson astrologer Andrea Copeland @ourluminaries. Scents of Buddhawood, Peppermint, Benzoin, Lime.
  • Amazonite to strengthen the Throat Chakra and facilitate authentic self expression and Howlite to settle a busy mind and bring peace.
  • Candle Magick birthday ritual (includes chime candle, holder and instructions).

Pre-orders open now. Pickup and delivery available May 21-June 20, or until sold out!