Samhain Tiny Ritual Kit


There is a nebulous moment when the veil between the living world and the spirit world thins. As it draws close, we can feel it. Just before the clock strikes midnight on October 31st, we are given a moment to intuit more than at any other time during the Wheel of the Year—Samhain.

CONTENTS Samhain Tea Light Samhain Tea of burdock root, roasted dandelion root, juniper berries, shatavari, licorice, oat straw, alfalfa, red clover, mugwort, cinnamon, cardamom, clove, elderflower, black pepper, dried orange, and star anise blended in partnership with Benevolent Blends. Samhain Resin Incense Samhain Bath Soak Pyrite Palo Santo Samhain Ritual Booklet