Mars | The Planetary Rebel

Mars | The Planetary Rebel
with Yoga Alchemy of Tucson
Monday, June 18, 2018, 5:30-7pm
$35 | Limited to 10 Participants 
Where is your passion and hunger for life? And how are you acting on it? For many of us, our struggles are internal, and until we are able to cleanse these old wounds, we will fall short in our actions, passions and appetite for life. 

Mars’ lengthy planetary retrograde in Capricorn (from 6/26/18-8/27/18, resolving on 10/9/18) is an auspicious time to perform self-examination practices and self-healing rituals. As we survive life’s trials, we are able to see the past clearly and clear the way to move forward unencumbered. 

In this workshop you will discover where Mars is placed in your birth chart, explore old wounds needing reflected upon for clearing, connect with your power animals and guides, and let your activism, whatever it may be, follow the trail of sparks generated by your passions.