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Shoshana, Psychic Medium, Energy Healer, The Otherworldly Archive

Shosh (they/them) is a trans/queer healer, psychic medium, channel, and artist. Their services focus on ancestral mediumship and veneration, past life healing, chakra balancing, and multidimensional embodiment. Shosh believes that through the embodiment of our many selves, we find our highest timeline and deepest grounding. They believe this happens through communal elevation, and finding the intersecting space between spiritual work and social justice work to bring collective healing to the Earth. Shosh has been exploring their spiritual practice for 5 years through ancestral veneration, witchcraft, Astronomy, art, and disability justice work, finding their spirit work coming through many different talents and vices. We all are striving to find our vice and communal role in this life, and Shosh specializes in delivering channeled guidance straight from your spirit team to help bring you clarity along your journey. They have helped hundreds of people open themselves up to the calls of their ancestors, step into their gifts, remember their multidimensional lifetimes, and heal through energetic blockages.

Shosh currently offers channeled readings in-person at the 9th house as well as remote reading services over Zoom. They also offer energetic healing utilizing Reiki and the channeled guidance of your spirit team. If you are interested in becoming attuned to Reiki yourself, Shosh offers attunement and certification classes remotely. Check out their website for more information, upcoming classes, and for client testimonials. 

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Instagram: @otherworldlyarchive