Braided Sweetgrass


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Braided Sweetgrass (Vanilla Grass, Holy Grass, Buffalo Grass)

Sweetgrass is known for its "sweet" vanilla-like aroma and offers many gifts to our Sacred & Spiritual practice. Rooted in traditions of the Indigenous Tribal Nations, the use of sweetgrass is pleasing to the spirit as a sacred medicine.

The burning of Sweetgrass in ritual is known to attract positive spirits and energies. Sweetgrass is excellent for purifying the aura field, cleansing spaces, and sanctifying land. Its protective properties are known to offer additional blessings as we honor Mother Earth and her children.

This sweetgrass was grown, harvested, and blessed on Native Reservation land in a traditional and sacred way. When we honor the Creator, Mother Earth & the Sacred Spirit of her children ... we Walk in Beauty.

Origins: Montana



*All herbs are to be used for ritual and magickal purposes only and should not be used internally or medicinally. Many herbs are poisonous if taken internally or if ingested by animals. Please use and store with caution.

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