(c) Aall Forms of Life Arizona Buntings Print

"Arizona Buntings" depicts four species of Bunting birds that range into Arizona. These male birds have striking plumage and unique variations. Perched together on a cholla skeleton the 3 buntings look on at the calling Painted Bunting. Illustrated from left to right on the perch: Varied Bunting, Indigo Bunting, Lazuli Bunting, and the Painted Bunting. The original was illustrated with watercolor, graphite & gouache on Arches Hot Press.

This digital print will come with sturdy backing protected in an archival clear bag. So it is ready for gifting as is or prepped for DIY/Professional framing. Multiple prints may be packaged together in 1 clear bag to cut down on plastic use, please specify if you would like prints separately packaged for gift giving!

Each print is hand-signed by the artist and includes a short description of the artwork and its biological significance.

Available in 8X10 inches

For shipping protection, these prints will be wrapped in a clear plastic sleeve and shipped flat in a sturdy mailer, be aware that more environmentally friendly, up-cycled packaging may be used in shipping!

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