(c) Christina Holland Bat Collection | Big Power Amulet Necklaces

Christina Holland


Big POWER Amulets to help you focus your intentions. Made locally by Christina Holland.

Available in:

Citrine/Brass (yellow)| The Success Stone. Helps manifest abundance. Optimism, Confidence, and mental clarity. Increases energy and motivation. Strengthens solar plexus chakra.

Lapis Lazuli/Brass (blue) |  Self-expression, awareness and intuition. Opens connections between physical and spiritual realms. A stone for deep introspection. Stimulates third eye chakra.

Rose Quartz/Copper (pink) | The stone of Love. Openness to unconditional love and compassion, including self-love. Restores trust and harmony. Opens and soothes heart chakra.

Approx 30 inches in length, adjustable.