(c) Aall Forms of Life Desert Animals 2022 Desktop Calendar


(c) Aall Forms of Life Desert Animals 2022 Desktop Calendar is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

2022 Sonoran Desert Animals desktop calendar with 12 fun flora and fauna illustrations. Now with Free Shipping!

This unique 12 month desktop calendar sits comfortably in a handmade eucalyptus woodblock stand. Each month features a different Sonoran Desert animal illustration on 5''X7'' inch thick cardstock prints with a backer board to keep the pages sitting upright in the hand-made stand.

The prints for the calendar are packaged in decorative kraft paper packaging for attractive gift-giving with a sealed eucalyptus (reusable) woodblock stand for your desk or dresser. The block stand is locally & sustainably harvested in Tucson and due to it's hand-made nature can vary in slight size, color, and shape from block to block.

This contemporary/rustic calendar can be refilled every year with a newly designed calendar from Aall Forms of Life, cutting down on paper waste. The woodblock can also be used as a display for other prints or pictures giving it multiple purposes!

Wood Block Stand Dimensions (can vary slightly; inches) 4'' length X 3'' width X 1'' height