(c) Luna and Saya Talavera Tile Dangle Earrings


From the artist: "These dangles are inspired by the Mexican Talavera Tile imagery. They are so intricate and beautifully made. You can find these throughout any southwest themed building and home. They are a huge part of my Mexican culture and I grew around them since I was a child. They are forever engraved into my mind and when I see them, the sweet memories of my family arise." 

Handmade earrings out of acrylic with double reinforced surgical steel posts. This guarantees the post will never come off.

Acrylic is a light weight and durable material, however it must be treated with care.

Size: 2.5 in. L X 1.25 in. W

Weight: 5.4 grams each (equivalent to a quarter)