(c) Luna and Saya Ruby Red Otomi Textile earrings


This beautiful motif and patternway is inspired by the Otomi indigenous people's pattern work in central Mexico.

20% of the sale from each pair will be donated to the Otomi Indigenous Communities in central Mexico to assist in preserving their culture. The Tenango print features flora and fauna found in their community and the print is of their creation.

"Common motifs are animals, thought to be bearers of important news, and four- and eight-pointed stars intended to represent the cardinal direction. Other symbols may represent fertility, nature, helpful spirits, harmful spirits, or spirits that serve as intermediaries between our world and that of the spirits. The print derives from the Otomi people who are found in central Mexico."


Click the above link to learn more on the origin of the Tenango Textile of the Otomi people.

Handmade earrings out of polymer clay and acrylic with reinforced surgical/titanium steel posts.This guarantees the post will never come off.

Polymer clay is a light weight and durable clay as is acrylic. Each piece was made by hand and can vary slightly from what is pictured. No two items will ever be alike. Every item is carefully shaped, smoothed, sanded and polished by hand. The glitter is sealed with varnish to protect the piece. 

Size: 2.5 in. L x 1. 5 in. W