(c) Rune Bar Necklaces

The first rune is Sowilo. It symbolizes inner power and dynamic strength. It's first to help the wearer gather their own strength in defense, and to activate the piece. Then is Uruz- here it's just for strength. It's in the middle to strengthen both the top and bottom runes. Then is Algiz, which is a general rune for protection.  
Algiz is first- in addition to spiritual protection, it can mean a divine connection- which will help the wearer communicate with those on other planes. Then Eihwaz is also to increase spiritual connections and psychic abilities. Finally, Ansuz is for communication, and assists in the ability to process information (any messages from the ancestors). * Mini Moon choker is shown layered with Ancestor necklace. 
This set of runes isn't to bring money or prosperity out of nowhere- it's to help the wearer achieve prosperity by working for it, but to do so while maintaining a positive mindset. Feoh represents value- the value of things, or money. That's what the wearer is trying to achieve. Wunjo, next, is happiness or contentment, or joy. It's there to help connect Feoh and Jera in a joyful and pleasant way. Jera is the goal, or successful achievement. The goal is to reach Feoh! But with Jera, it doesn't just come to you- you have to take steps to reach the goal. And Wunjo helps you do it with a happy heart. 
Astral Travel 
Algiz, Raido, Laguz
Algiz in this case represents the connection between the upper, middle, and lower planes. It can also symbolize protection, which would be good here!
Raido is the method of travel, or the journey.
Laguz assists in psychic or shamanic journeys; it symbolizes mystery and the unkown. 
So Algiz protects during the work, and is the route. Raido is the journey itself; Laguz is where you're going- the unknown. 
Self Love 
Feoh, Wunjo, Mannaz
Feoh is "worth", in this case the worth of yourself, what you have to give. Wunjo is joy, peace, contentment. Together with Feoh, it's the worth of contentment that you have to give to someone. Mannaz, or "man", directs that worth to the person wearing the charm
A talisman to help bring a more positive outlook to the journey of life. Kenaz, for Sacred Fire, Vision and and the Light of Knowledge.  Raidho, for travel, journeys and adventure, and Wunjo- Joy, optimism. 
Each rune bar is made of textured copper and is hand stamped. Made in Tucson, Arizona. Approximately 1-1.5" long.