Connecting with Canine Companions

Kim Stoll


Connecting with Canine Companions is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

Saturday, October 17. 5-7 pm.
Calling all magickal dog lovers! This 2 hour online workshop will blend canine behavior theory, meditation & mindfulness practice, and spellwork, as we delve into the spiritual lessons of the dog. Learn how to better connect with one of our oldest allies, canis lupus familiaris, and work with their energy for grounding, protection, and living with intention. As part of the class, participants will be led in a collar charm protection spell for their pets.
This class will be held online via Zoom. Link to join the Zoom call will be emailed to registrants prior to class.

Space limited to 14 participants.
In order to execute our protection spell, participants should bring their pet’s ID tag or collar. If your pet does not wear a collar, you may bring some other object that is frequently with them (like a beloved toy) or their food dish.* All other materials for the spell included in class price.
*You can perform this spell for any species of companion animal, whether it is your own or a loved-one’s.
About the instructor:
Kim is a poet, a witch, and a little bit obsessed with dogs. A hobbyist dog trainer, Kim has studied canine behavior through hands-on workshops, seminars, and classes. She is passionate about helping humans better understand and communicate with their dogs to form stronger partnerships. Her witchcraft practice incorporates her animist beliefs and lies somewhere in the cross sections of kitchen, hedge, and green witchery. As an avid learner and gatherer of information, Kim is always seeking the unknown. Find her online at and instagram @kaystoll11.