(c) Luna and Saya Prisma Dangle Earrings


Handmade earrings out of acrylic with titanium posts. The clear earrings gives off prisms upon the light hitting. It is hard to capture in the photo.

Acrylic is a light weight and durable material, however it must be treated with care.

Size: .75 inches W X 3 inches L

Weight: 4 grams each

All designs and pieces are created in my Tucson, AZ studio.


I have all ownership rights to the photos pictured.

Care instructions:

Avoid using chemicals, solvents, perfume, jewelry cleaners, or hairspray near the earrings. In the case that it becomes dirty, wipe with a soft, microfiber towel. When not in use, store jewelry in a box or a separate compartment. Keep away from sharp objects to avoid scratching the surface. This will help with the preservation of each handmade piece.