Crystal Grids: How and Why they Work by Hibiscus Moon


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Crystal Grids, How and Why They Work, A Science-Based, Yet Practical Guide is the perfect combination of science and practical how-to advice from science department head turned Crystal Healer, Hibiscus Moon. The book bridges the knowledge gap between how to create a crystal grid and understanding how and why they work.

Have you heard of crystal grids but wondered what they are, what they're for, how they work? This, being the first book ever devoted to the topic, will explain all that and more. A refreshingly practical crystal healing book. you'll find this guidebook outlined with clear, basic instructions on specific grids and their use. Using science as the platform, you’ll explore the “how’s” and “why’s”. Hibiscus Moon explains what a crystal grid is along with how to use one most effectively, their sacred geometry foundation, grid energy fields, the connection to Mother Earth’s own grid, how to use them with distance healing work, how to clearly set your intention, choosing a grid template, specific components of a crystal grid, selecting precisely which crystals to use in a grid, activating and maintaining your grid and even some detailed grid “recipes” for various purposes! This practical guide will help you infuse crystal grids into your everyday life in a powerful way with clear, basic instructions on specific crystal grids and their uses.


• grid recipes
• a healthy dose of science; and
• step-by-step instructions…you’ll be ready to manifest your heart’s desire