Empress Air Apothecary, Consecrated Ritual Incense


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Consecrated ritual incense

  • Ethically Sourced

  • Sustainably Harvested

  • Culturally Responsible 

To find out more about our efforts to collaborate with local and ethical suppliers visit: ladybash.com

Consecration is the act of embuing energy for sacred use, similar to a blessing it is found in a variety of paths and traditions all over the world. At Empress Air, our consecration is a three-fold approach, in which prayers & chants, song & sound, crystals, offerings, empowerment symbols, and MUCH MORE are offered to honor and align the vibration of each sacred plant

For our beloved flora, consecration begins with consent and permission to harvest with respect and reverence of the plant spirits, and the gifts they share with our magick. We pride ourselves in working with growers, harvesters, and suppliers who align with this Earth Friendly concept. Co-creating in this way activates a high vibration of compassion that is then channeled into the properties of the incense itself.

Each Consecration is performed in small batches, making our process much stronger, resulting in a SUPERCHARGED ritual impact for you. In this process, we channel, accumulate, amplify, raise, and direct the sacred gifts of the flora to align with the intention of the individual witch at work. May your Magick be Blessed. 

Our blends are created with love by Lady Bash Quesenberry, a Reiki Master Teacher & Spiritual Intuitive, who dedicates their life to ownership of the Sacred Self. As a practicing witch for 20 years, their passion is co-creation, ritual, and ceremony in the realms of Universal Energy. With a love of flora, their unique expression as a spiritual catalyst, and a gift for "speaking to the spirits" of all beings they enjoy creating ritual tools for peoples of all paths and practices.
Each blend is created in consultation with Native Healer, Wind Raven, of the Pascua Yaqui Nation. To find out more around his sacred practices: RavenInTheWind.com

May the blessings of Empress Air increase your vibrational awareness and expand your abundance of blessings. And, so it is.
Tin Size: 2+ oz in weight, 4 oz fluid container

Experience the Magick of the desert Monsoon in ritual, ceremony, and craft practices. 

Consecrated Ritual Incense for unity and balance, blessing and consecration, enhancing Spiritual gifts, Co-creation, and honoring the Sacred Spirit within all things. The Sacred Plant Spirits of MONSOON MAGICK include:
Creosote, Golden Copal, Sunflower, Yarrow & Baby's Breath


Experience the Enchantment of the Forest in ritual, ceremony, and craft practices. 

Consecrated Ritual Incense for cleansing and clearing, liberation and release, spiritual protection and purification, grounding and centering the Sacred Self. The Sacred Plant Spirits of ENCHANTED FOREST include:
Juniper, Golden Copal, Rose Petal, Lavender & Juniper Berry.

Experience the Elevation of 5D in ritual, ceremony and craft practices. 
Consecrated ritual incense for attraction & abundance, Spiritual guidance, astral travel & projection, meditation & divination, dream work, and energetic alignment. The sacred plant spirits of ELEVATION 5D include: Mugwort, Palo Santo, Frankincense, Hibiscus & Orris Root.