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Fluorite Tower

The Ninth House


Fluorite Tower - small is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

Place one of these fluorite towers on your altar to help bring clarity, remove mental blocks and fog, help make decisions, and ease a scattered mind (and the anxiety that comes with it!).

The greens in fluorite support the heart chakra, and the purples balance the third eye chakra. It is useful to meditate in the presence of fluorite when it is necessary to calm the mental chatter and help you to make calm and clear headed decisions, or to move past limiting habits and patterns in your life.

Each tower is unique and is a one of a kind combination of greens, purples and white and clear quartz.

You will receive the exact tower pictured.

Small tower is 6 oz and 3”.

Medium tower is 10 oz and 4.5”

Large tower is 15 oz and 5”