The Fools Journey: Tarot Beyond Beginners

The Ninth House


Do you feel like your tarot practice has plateaued?  Maybe you know the basics, but you’re still relying on the little white book or Biddy Tarot online to interpret your readings? Or maybe your practice is progressing and you’re learning on your own, but you’re hungry for in-person instruction and hands on reading practice with others. 

This three part course is designed specifically for students who already have a solid understanding of the basics (or have taken Tarot 101 previously)* and want to go from beginner to intermediate tarot student. By the end of this course you will be able to read 3-10 card spreads for yourself with confidence.

We will discuss common questions and topics such as reversals, connecting multiple cards to access the complete message, repeating cards, and more.

Each class will be a combination of lecture, discussion, and hands on reading practice with others. There will be required homework between classes to help you truly connect with your deck and make quicker, more intuitive reading possible. You will also have access to a private facebook group for questions between classes.

Access to a Rider Waite tarot deck for the duration of the course is required. An option to purchase a deck with your class fee is offered.

Class will be held Thursdays from 7-9 pm on the following dates: Oct 24, Nov 7, and Nov 21. 

*If you are brand new to tarot or don't yet have a handle on the basic structure of a deck, Tarot 101 will be your best bet!

Course includes:

  • 3 in person classes of hands on instruction and discussion
  • Prompts and readings for additional study between classes
  • Access to private facebook group
  • Option to join in future Tarot Trades to continue practicing your reading skills with others (open only to professional readers and those who have completed this course). 


Note: Workshop and event tickets are non-refundable. If you are unable to make an event, please email us directly. If there is a waitlistwe may be able to transfer the spot to them with at least 48 hours notice and offer you a refund. You are also able to sell or gift your workshop or event ticket to someone else (if they fit the experience level), but please let us know so we know who to expect!