Online Lunar Magick | Working with the Moon Workshop

Wandering Raven Wellness



Due to the current concerns of Covid-19 and social distancing practices, we will be shifting the platform in which this event will be offered. This event will now be held in a PRIVATE Facebook Group created and monitored by Lady Bash.

Lady Bash will be going LIVE in the private Facebook group at 7 pm on Wednesday, March 25. All other materials will be recorded and available any time after that. 

We hope you will all join from the safety of your home as we explore the energy currents of the Moon.


Join Lady Bash Quesenberry, The Wandering Raven, for a night of community, illumination, and all things Lunar!

"Working with the Moon is to embody the ocean wave."

In this workshop, we will uncover the nature of Lunar Energy, discover avenues of working with various phases of the moon and explore planetary conversations that impact the outcome of our Magick. This Workshop will take place during the Conjure Phase of the Aries New Moon, where inspired action rules the energetic flow. Come prepared to set a powerful intention of manifestation, release, or any other desire your heart holds!


Workshop Logistics:
1.) Private Facebook Group
2.) LIVE Workshop in the Group @ scheduled time of Event
3.) Downloadable Materials for all Participants
4.) Access to materials and teaching WELL AFTER EVENT CLOSES
5.) All video and downloadable materials also sent via email to each participant.

Workshop Agenda:
1.) Welcome & Grounding Meditation
2.) Working with the Moon
3.) Conjure Cycle of Lunar Energy
4.) Phases of the Moon
5.) Planets & the Moon
6.) Intention Setting Reflection
7.) Create Lunar Magick Spell Kit


BONUS: Each participant will take home a Lunar Magick Spell kit that is created to receive the individual intention of your need at this time. Lunar Magick Spell Kits can be picked up at The Ninth House location on the day of our event 3/25 after 3:00 PM local.

You will also receive a Lunar Correspondence sheet via registration email to help assist you in any future Lunar workings.



Bash Quesenberry is a devoted Reiki Master & Teacher, Spiritual Intuitive, and Interfaith Minister who dedicates her life to spiritualism and healing. Her passion is teaching and mentorship in the realms of Universal Faith, Empowerment & Energy. Her unique gift as a spiritual catalyst allows her to hold space for peoples of all spirit-based practices.