Magickal Jars with Wandering Raven Wellness

Wandering Raven Wellness


Tuesday, October 1. 7-8:30 pm

Join Lady Bash Quesenberry of Wandering Raven Wellness for an informative and activity packed Workshop to create a personalized Empowerment Honey Jar.

Discover the richness of history & traditions of Jar Magick found in a variety cultures. Learn how to offer blessings, conduct energy work, and set boundaries all through the simplicity of a jar.

In this 90 minute workshop you will receive guidance and clarity to empower your personal conversation with Casting & Universal Crafting techniques.

Workshop Agenda:
1.) Welcome
2.) Working with Intention
3.) Raise and Amplify Energy
4.) Weaving the Web | Direction of Energy
5.) Group Activity | Empowerment Honey Jar
6.) Community Q & A
7.) Closing


$38, Empowerment Honey Jar supplies included

Each participant will have the option to purchase additional products through The Ninth House.

BONUS: Upon the conclusion of the class, participants will receive an emailed material sheet surrounding Magick Jars to be added to their personal Book of Shadow & Light.


Bash Quesenberry is a devoted Reiki Master & Teacher, Spiritual Practitioner, and Interfaith Minister who dedicates her life to spiritualism and healing. Her passion is teaching and mentorship in the realms of Universal Faith, Empowerment & Energy. Her unique gift as a spiritual catalyst allows her to hold space for peoples of all spirit-based practices.