ONLINE Stitchcraft: Art is Magic

Gzem Shop Embroidery


Wednesday, May 20, 6:30-8:30 pm

Join Sarah Gzemski of Gzem Shop Embroidery for an introductory class in needlecraft via Zoom! All materials will be provided via pickup or delivery. $30.

Embroidery is a meditative craft involving deep intention and focus, but getting started on something new can be intimidating. This time of uncertainty and stress may be the perfect place in your life to begin embroidering.

In this class, students will learn hands-on how to create eight basic stitches and tips to create designs and textures of their own. Each participant will receive a kit before the class including needle, thread, pattern-stamped fabric, and a six-inch embroidery hoop: everything needed to complete their first project.

Sarah will be sharing a little bit about the history of the art and the tools required at the beginning of the class, before shifting to focus on learning stitches. She will be providing videos of each stitch to participants during the class and via email afterward for reference, in addition to live troubleshooting.

Sarah believes that art and magic are closely related and that domestic crafts are largely devalued due to our patriarchal society. There are so many ways that embroidery has brought intention and focus to her life that she wants to share with others.