Online: Psychic Development 101 with Maya Zahira

The Ninth House


April 18, 5 pm. Online via Zoom.

Event location: Due to the current Covid-19 quarantine period, this class will be held ONLINE through a zoom call. Class will also include pdf's, and some bonus audios. Students will have lifetime access to the class recording and other content. Instructor, Maya Zahira, has many years of experience teaching online classes and leading long-distance healing sessions. We're excited to announce that this class will now be available to students *worldwide*! :-)

ALL people are born with natural intuition. Whether you are a seasoned psychic or a total newbie, you'll gain tangible skills and insights in this workshop as we explore various fun and effective hands-on exercises to expand and strengthen your psychic abilities.


Within this class, students will engage in hands-on practice--individual, partner, and group--to identify, develop, and strengthen their psychic skills of clairvoyance (psychic sight), clairaudience (psychic hearing), clairgustance (psychic taste), clairalience (psychic smell), and clairsentience (psychic feeling).


Students will strengthen their ability to:

1.) See and feel energy and auras
2.) Perceive psychic information through sight, and how to interpret those images
3.) Hear and interpret psychic messages and words
4.) Use their inner feelings to understand the feelings and intentions of others
5.) Tune into the less-known abilities of psychic smell and taste and apply common ways to receive information through these senses

Class will include a combination of individual, partner, and group hands-on practices as we have fun exploring each skill. Examples include working with a partner to practice seeing and feeling their energy field, smelling various fragrances to tap you into your psychic smell abilities, a guided journey to help you strengthen your visualization skills, a fun game using playing cards to help you see, hear, and feel the color of each card, and more.

Cost is $45 per student.
Registration is through The Ninth House.
To register, please visit The Ninth House website at
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Owner of Psychic Protection Sanctuary, Maya Zahira is a visionary teacher, mystic, and spiritual mentor whose mission is to educate and empower truth-seekers with the most powerful and effective methods for energetic self-care, spiritual empowerment, and psychic protection. She has recently moved to Tucson, Arizona where she works with students and clients all over the world via online and in-person courses and sessions. For the last 25 years, Maya has worked tirelessly, sharing her spiritual gifts with many around the world. She holds a BA in Education, is a double-certified Usui Reiki Master, and is a published author.