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Quoth the Raven All Natural Incense

Sea Witch Botanicals


Unlike most incense, Sea Witch Botanicals uses only natural essential oils for scent,instead of petroleum and paraben-based synthetic fragrances. Essential oils hold aromatherapeutic terpenes which carry a physiological effect on the user, wile the charcoal binds to air impurities like a beeswax candle. Try our all natural incense to feel the difference. 

Ingredients: Essential oils, charcoal, jiggat resin, bamboo stick. Infused in the USA in small batches. 

12 sticks. Handmade in Bellington, Virginia. Vegan. All natural. Made with ethical, fair trade, sustainable ingredients. All synthetic free scents. 

Quoth the Raven: Infused with Orange, Clove, and Cinnamon essential oils