Resilience | Anointing Oil


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Handcrafted wilderness oil- wild-harvested in the wilderness near Tucson! This infusion has pussy paws, mesquite, + creosote. 

 About the artist:  I handcraft and wild harvest flora locally and nomadically, folk-method infusing into raw, organic, cold-pressed, sweet almond oil. I add a few drops of essential oils into the infusion for scent, aromatherapy, and cohesion. I harvest in Right Relationship, with permission + reverence, under the Honorable Harvest guidelines: always leaving a gift in return, whether an offering of tobacco or sometimes a song. The energy of the wilderness is pure healing vibration of Mother Earth, and I find, especially during these times that can be chaotic, connecting with the purest + wildest vibration to be the most grounding to our senses, sense of self, and sense of unity. It is my intention to offer this, or midwife a sampling of this experience, even in a little bottle. I harvest with the seasons, and no batch is the same, which I feel honors the various medicines of the wild flora during their growing cycles. Each infusion batch is given a name that I intuit as a collective need or inspiration. The latest batch is named, "R E S I L I E N C E ," for example, intending + hoping that the user infuses their own intentions or reminders of the name into their self-care. Ultimately, this is to honor Mother Earth and bring to more awareness and amplification of her medicine and ever-offering of gifts.