Rewriting the Stars


Friday, Oct 22 and Friday, Nov 12 from 6:30-8:00 pm with Bitty Fennie and Puja Robinson.

In this two part workshop we will explore the IC and MC in your birth chart, the way you have worked with this energy already, and how you would like to shape it going forward!

The IC is the lowest point in your chart and it celebrates your private life, your roots and heritage, emotional foundations, and home. The MC (Midheaven) is the highest point in your chart and it represents your public life, legacy, the mark you wish to make on the world, and has to do with your life’s work.

This reflective time we find ourselves in is perfect for exploring your relationship with
your home life and your work life. Join us in this workshop to better connect with these placements in your chart.

In part one, we will be creating an altar space to honor your IC and your familial roots. We will provide items and offerings for use and have examples of how we honor our personal IC placements. We encourage participants to bring small objects that remindyou of your heritage, your family, and what home means to you. We will explore each IC placement and give suggestions of how to honor that energy in yourself and in your life.

In part two, we will be dressing and decorating a candle. We will spend time writing out intentions to place into the candle to support your MC placement. Maybe you’re ready for a job change, a shift in what you’d like to do with your time, or maybe you need to call in some courage to express the gifts you have where you already work.

Part two will serve as a complement to class one, offering a balance between the two needs in your life, but you don’t have to take both classes.

About your teachers:
Puja Robinson was introduced to astrology at an early age. A series of trials and
tribulations in her early twenties sent her on a journey of self exploration, and it was
through the study of the stars that she was able to find herself and connect with a
passion for helping others. She now translates the cosmos for people around the world and empowers them to accept and understand themselves at a soul level.

Bitty Fennie is an astrologer who you may recognize from Astro Salon’s at The Ninth
House! She has been working as an astrologer for three years and has been obsessed with astrology since she was 7. Her focus is natal chart readings but is happy to discuss all things astrological with you.