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Self-Love and Healing Workshop

Wandering Raven Wellness

Tuesday, November 12, 7-9 pm
Join Lady Bash Quesenberry, The Wandering Raven, for a night of self-love, intimacy, healing, and candle magick!


"Self-love is the unconditional love and respect you have for yourself that is so unwavering that you only choose loving, respectful situations and relationships, including the one with yourself."

In this workshop we will uncover the foundation & pillars of self-love, discover avenues of healing through authentic internal intimacy, and explore the practices which create a new dialogue with love. Together we will adorn a candle with the intention to remember our innate wholeness, and facilitate healing in the realms of Self - worth, respect, honor, esteem, acceptance, compassion, pleasure, care, trust, forgiveness, awareness, empowerment & expression.


Workshop Agenda:
1.) Welcome
2.) What is Healing
3.) Foundation of Self-Love
3.) Pillars of Self-Love
4.) Cultivate Healing through Self-Love
4.) Adorn a Self-Love Healing Candle


BONUS: each participant will take home a personally adorned self-love candle, spell crafted during our workshop.


Each participant will have the option to purchase additional products through The Ninth House. OWN YOUR MAGICK!


Bash Quesenberry is a devoted Reiki Master & Teacher, Spiritual Practitioner, and Interfaith Minister who dedicates her life to spiritualism and healing. Her passion is teaching and mentorship in the realms of Universal Faith, Empowerment & Energy. Her unique gift as a spiritual catalyst allows her to hold space for peoples of all spirit-based practices.