Sonoran Winter | Winter Solstice Consecrated Incense

Empress Air


Sonoran Winter | Winter Solstice Consecrated Incense is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.


The Sacred Spirits of our SONORAN WINTER loose incense blend include:

Yerba Santa, Juniper Needle, Rosehips, Rosemary, Anise Star

Frankincense & Pinion Pine Resin

Consecrated Intention:

Rebirth, Renewal & Returning to the Light

Dark Night of the Soul & Shadow Work

Inner Sactuary & Renewed Joy

Experience the Sonoran Winter this season in ritual, ceremony, craft, or any other form of sacred practice. 

This winter we are teaming up with the ever fabulous, Clever Kim's Curious to bring you a lovely handcrafted talisman to assist in all your rituals, ceremony, craft, or sacred practice this Winter and beyond. This Renewal Runic Talisman is handcrafted in Copper.


Check out the amazing Clever Kim's Curious for sacred adornment handcrafted in the Sororan Desert 

Runes on Necklace: 

  • Eihwaz: Death Cycle, Endings, Rebirth, Entering Darkness
  • Laguz: Looking Within, Inner Mysteries, Shadow work
  • Sowilo: Return to Light, Return of Life, Solstice Morning 



Spoon desired incense over glowing hot charcoal, in a well ventilated area.  Enjoy the aromatic presence and spiritual offerings of each sacred flora selected to support your Craft!


Keep out of reach of children and pets. Watch for falling embers. Use fire-safe dish. Do not touch fire-safe dish while incense or hot charcoal in use or cooling. Do not leave burning incense or hot charcoal unattended. For aromatic use only. Not for inhalation. Not for internal use or consumption.


Our products are handcrafted by Bash Quesenberry, a Reiki Shinpiden & Spiritual Intuitive who dedicates their life to ownership of the Sacred Self through ritual and ceremony.


"I am deeply in love with the Earth and gifted in speaking to the Spirits. My childhood of whispering secrets to the Willow and cuddling soft wet Clover patches led me to personalize my medicine and magick in the realm of the flora. Empress Air Apothecary grew from this personalization and this love. It is my deepest desire to share the ever-present channel of blessings given from our Mother Earth, through her sacred children the flora - in alignment with Creator, for all."