The Witch at the Forest's Edge


An in-depth course of study in the modern practice of traditional witchcraft.

I stand in the meadow, at the forest’s edge. One step forward and I will straddle the boundary between fading light in the swaying grass and rich darkness in the woods. One more step and I will be immersed in the nighttime world of southern, hardwood forest. My home lay behind me, the wild magic ahead. I am the witch at the forest’s edge. This book is an invitation to animists, ancestor worshipers, magic seekers, and the wild at heart. It systematically explores the foundational aspects of modern traditional witchcraft. The book is structured into 13 core chapters or classes that cover all essential skill sets for any modern, traditional witch in a practical, caring way. Each chapter offers suggested activities and/or reflections for journaling and a reading list for further exploration. Advanced skills such a hedge riding and ritual possession are taught in a structured, explicit way that makes them accessible to a wider audience.

“A thoughtful examination of witchcraft, The Witch at the Forest’s Edge by Christine Grace explores a wide range of topics ranging from sourcing our tools ethically to examining the origins of what we think we know to Spirits of Place. Grace’s gentle voice evokes a texture of dappled shade, as though these truths were shared on the border between this world and the next. The Witch at the Forest’s Edge restores the animalia missing from pop culture witchcraft, linking nature’s richness with modern understandings of community, respect for culture, and stewardship.” —Amy Blackthorn, author of Blackthorn’s Botanical Magic