Throwing the Bones Workshop

Kim Stoll


Throwing the Bones Workshop - Vegan (No bones or shells) is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

Saturday, July 25 at 5 pm (Zoom)

This 2-hour online workshop takes a deep dive into bone throwing (aka bone reading or cleromancy or osteomancy (depending on your practice!), a form of divination via casting a collection of small objects such as bones, shells, trinkets, etc. Learn everything you need to get started on your own practice!

Instructor, Kim Stoll, will share her own personal method and walk through a demonstration, while also exploring examples of how other readers do things. Bone throwing is a highly intuitive and personal divination method—this class will give you the tools you need to develop your own system for working with the bones. We will discuss frequently asked questions like throwing surfaces and what sort of pieces you might want to have in your set.

All participants will receive a random assortment of 5-8 objects to begin their bone collection (or add to an existing one).*

Participants will have the opportunity to get familiar with their new pieces and practice throwing during the workshop.

*Please note that bone sets do not have to have any animal bones in them. Many sets are composed entirely of trinkets & curios. If you do not want to throw actual bones, that is 100% okay! This class is accommodating of all paths.

Bone sets will be provided via curbside pickup or delivery. Please indicate in registration if you would like a set without any animal bones or shells.

Due to the Covid-19, this class will be held online via Zoom video. Link to join the Zoom call will be emailed to registrants prior to class.

Registration coming soon via The Ninth House
$40 per ticket
12 seats available, so reserve your spot soon!

About the instructor:
Kim Stoll is a poet, witch, and bone reader. She holds an MFA in creative writing and has worked an array of jobs in the nonprofit sector. Her witchcraft practice incorporates her animist beliefs and lies somewhere in the cross sections of kitchen, hedge, and green witchery. As an avid learner and gatherer of information, Kim is always seeking the unknown. Find her online at and instagram @kaystoll11.