Writing the Moon Card


Wednesday, June 16 6:00pm-8:00pm PT Taught by Katherine Standefer.

At night, shapes lengthen and shadows grow. We can’t quite be sure of what we’re seeing. In this 2-hour writing workshop, we’ll step into the void energy of The Moon card, owning what it feels like to have no idea what is going on. Through writing prompts and clarifying card pulls, we’ll seek to connect with the energies, symbols, and intuitions flickering into our awareness, which so often remain suppressed in our conscious lives. What deep tide waters are lapping at your feet? What dreams, visions, delusions, spells, and weirdnesses are courting you?  What madness or wildness or shadow work howls your name?

Moon energy is rarely comfortable. But it offers an essential invitation into spiritual mystery. The Moon card is here to show us: There is a way to see in the dark.

Have your preferred writing tool ready--whether laptop, journal and pen, or something else. For some of the prompts, you'll need a whole tarot deck; consider ordering from The Ninth House's excellent deck selections if you don't already have one. This is a safe space for anyone drawn to humbly pick up the pen--whether you’ve never written before or you write for a living, whether you read tarot professionally or are learning this card’s power for the first time.