Brooke Patterson | Astrologer, Astral Mamma

Brooke Patterson Astrologer

Brooke is a faithful cosmic guide and Reiki Master. She has over 2 decades of experience in working one on one with people who have struggled at the intersections of traumatic life events. The wisdom she cultivated during those years she brings into each session to create a safe space where anything and everything can be discussed. Her focus is to empower each individual to find their voice and REmind them of their innate connection to the natural world. 

Each session is tailored to meet the clients needs and priorities. All sessions are recorded and emailed along with a pdf copy of the birth chart. In person readings or over the phone are 1 hr in length. Book online

Individual chart $ 88

Couples Charts $178

Your astrological chart is a navigational chart. As the weather patterns change during your journey I can show you which days the sun will be shining brightly and when you might want to wear a coat. I`m simply a compass to help you read your map. You are the captain, only you direct the course.

“ I have had several wonderful readings with Brooke. She really knows her stuff and is able to share it in a way that is easy to understand. The readings were rich, insightful and robust. Plus, she's absolutely lovely. Enjoy!
~Lisa Oxbol 
“ Brooke/ Astral Mama gave me such a necessary in- depth understanding during my session about my birth chart and patiently broke down what I didn't understand, or wanted deeper insight on, along with absorbing the anecdote of my past pains & trauma, and catering that baggage towards healing insight I needed about my birth/natal chart 💗 Thank you Astral Mama!”
~ Ave Burrola 

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Bitty Fennie | Astrologer

Bitty Fennie Astrologer

Bitty is an astrologer who will look at your birth chart and help you identify your strengths, lessons, and where your soul is trying to get in this lifetime. She can tell you about the types of situations and people you are naturally attracting into your life. The readings are shaped by what the client would like to know and what intuitively jumps out to Bitty. Readings are $30 for about half an hour and $60 for an hour or if you have a lot of questions. She approaches every session with enthusiasm and curiosity and is very excited to work with you!

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Instagram: @silverlining_astrology 

Or Find her at working at The Ninth House :)