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Melisa Doran Cole | Tarot Reader, The Ninth HouseMelisa Tarot Reader The Ninth House

Melisa is an experienced tarot reader and teacher. She uses tarot to help clients uncover their own soul's knowing, discover openings into growth, and work through difficult transitions and chapters. 

Services offered include: Mini readings (approximately 10-15 min), Full readings (approximately 40 min) and Two-Fer readings (because everything is more fun with a friend... plus they hold you accountable!).

"I have been using tarot for perspective since high school, yet my best experiences with a professional have been with The Ninth House. Whenever I visit Tucson, I set up a reading with Melisa. Talking about my situation and having a spread done helps me develop perspective on my situation, and having an experienced and knowledge practitioner makes all the difference. I trust her to not color or distort what is being seen. She is honest, and through conversations, she helps me find context." -Michelle M, California.

Contact Melisa

Website: www.theninthhouseshop.com

Email: theninthhouseshop@gmail.com


Jesse Dyllan Grace | Tarot Reader, Tarot of 3s

 Tarot of 3s

Jesse has been reading and studying Tarot and its corresponding practices for 33 years, reading with the same Rider Waite Smith tarot deck which she is deeply connected to and which has a personality if her own. Jesse is a clairsentient, intuitive and channel who sees multiple paths and time lines. 
Her reading style is very open and friendly, direct and honest. You will always come away knowing what you need to move forward on your road.
You are welcome to come into a reading with specific questions or with no questions at all. Jesse and her deck will find the information most crucial to your progress either way.
"Being in the field of intuitive medicine and healing, I’ve received dozens of tarot readings in the past twenty years. Jesse Dyllan Grace is at the top of her game and tops in her field. Jesse brings intuitive reading with tarot to an entirely new level - perhaps at the level that it was originally intended...I was blown away. Her deck serves as a powerful tool in conjunction with her legit channeling and intuitive abilities. Jesse has studied and practiced tarot for more than three decades. Her work is deeply spiritual and her intention is clear - to help guide people towards novel understanding of themselves and their lives, to update old patterns, and to integrate new ways of being in the world. To date, I’ve had 4 readings with Jesse and each has been entirely accurate, incredibly insightful and so so so helpful. Jesse has helped me through some confusing and tumultuous times - offering both a birds eye view of what’s going on along with practical, heart-felt recommendations. She is kind, wise, caring, funny and direct. I cannot recommend a tarot reading with Jesse enough! In fact, I’m going to purchase a birthday reading for one of my best friends right now! Schedule a reading. You will not be disappointed, I promise!”  -Britta Lyn Van Dun

Contact Jesse

Website: www.tarotof3s.com

Emaill: tarotof3s@gmail.com

Social: @tarotof3s (Instagram)
Jeanne Sharp | Tarot Reader, Not Your Granny's Tarot
Jeanne Sharp, Not Your Granny's Tarot
Jeanne has been studying tarot for over 20 years and leverages it to help her clients unlock their intuition. Her approach is pragmatic (and a little irreverent at times -- ask her to read with her zombie tarot deck!) and her goal is always to use the cards to help you tap into your own inner wisdom so that you can choose your next steps with confidence. Deeply empathetic, Jeanne will pick up on the unspoken subtext of your question(s) and guide you with compassion, humor, and love to the message the cards have for you.
“[Jeanne was] so spot on with [her] reading of the difficult 6 months I have had. [She] also nailed the bittersweet resolution.” -Sandra, client
Contact Jeanne

Website: www.notyourgrannystarot.com

Instagram: @notyourgrannystarot

Facebook: www.facebook.com/notyourgrannystarot

Email: readings@notyourgrannystarot.com