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Melisa Tarot Reader The Ninth House

Melisa Doran Cole | Head Reader and Founder of The Ninth House

Melisa is an experienced tarot reader and teacher. She uses tarot to help clients uncover their own soul's knowing, discover openings into growth, and work through difficult transitions and chapters. 

Services offered include: Mini readings (approximately 10-15 min), Full readings (approximately 40 min) and Two-Fer readings (because everything is more fun with a friend... plus they hold you accountable!).

"I have been using tarot for perspective since high school, yet my best experiences with a professional have been with The Ninth House. Whenever I visit Tucson, I set up a reading with Melisa. Talking about my situation and having a spread done helps me develop perspective on my situation, and having an experienced and knowledge practitioner makes all the difference. I trust her to not color or distort what is being seen. She is honest, and through conversations, she helps me find context." -Michelle M, California.


Contact Melisa

Website: www.theninthhouseshop.com

Emaill: theninthhouseshop@gmail.com


Angie Brown Tarot

Angie Brown | Tarot Reader, Geology of The Soul

Angie is the founder of Geology of the Soul. She is a psychic Tarot reader and soul coach who cheerleads her clients to their empowered best. She loves the liminal and paradoxes, talking to spirits, snuggling her doggies, and holding space for her clients. 

“Angie is surprisingly accurate and to the point with her readings, I have been to a lot of tarot readers, and none of them quite have the accuracy that she does.” - Sarah

“Angie provides a friendly atmosphere and instant rapport. She is thorough in her reading, and doesn't hold back. She will get to the core quickly, but it resonates deeply. Would highly recommend.” - Lari


Contact Angie

Website www.geologyofthesoul.com
Email geologyofthesoul@gmail.com